Siraj Center for Research and Studies

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Siraj Center for Research and Studies is a research center which aims to enhance scientific research and support researchers in the human and social sciences.


Siraj Center for Research and Studies is an independent non-profit academic institute. It encourages and advocates studies and intellectual projects which promote peace, dialogue and co-existence. Accordingly, part of the center’s mission is to train researchers who are engaged in studies which foreground these values.


The center was founded in February 2018 to meet these objectives:

  • Carrying out research and studies in the human and social sciences;
  • Bridging the gap among peoples of the world by encouraging cross-cultural exchange in art, education, and human and social sciences in general.
  • Engaging in inter-cultural dialogue to propagate the values of collaboration, co-existence and acknowledgement of the human cultural heritage;
  • Collaborating with institutes and organizations that have similar interests and objectives.

The Work of the Center includes

To carry out these objectives, the center takes advantage of all the available legal means, mainly:

  • Organizing forums, conferences, workshops and study days;
  • Issuing journals, publishing books, creating websites and software programs, and producing written and audio-visual media which reflect the center’s objectives;
  • Translating books as well as other media – be they written or audio-visual – from and to different languages of the world;
  • Signing contracts, agreements and partnerships with institutes, centers, scholars, and academic figures;
  • Organizing exhibitions, festivals, trips, camps and similar interactive activities;
  • Creating clubs, committees and teams to carry out the plans and projects of the center.

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